We will get married!! Today, the typhoon went through Taiwan, it caused some serious damage for south Taiwan, we, I and my fiancee decided to take our wedding pictures.
Thanks for everyone for this tour, photographer, assistant photographer, visagiste, and one of my best friend- Mr.Shu. There will not be so many beautiful pictures without your attended.
In this trip, we visited a charming place-- Dan Shui Town, because I pretty like the old fasion building style, sea view and grasslands, I believe these places could help me build the image about the"romantic aura"and we can re-catch the memory that we met. I believe that "marriage" is a celestial decision; on the other words, when I walk into the marriage, I should devote myself into this family. It is undoubtedly a heavy duty for me, but it is also a sweety duty. Do my best! I always tell myself, the family is the crux of my life and I should hold it with my whole heart! I love you, Wanji!
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