Today is my last day in ex-company.  
I finished my work until the last second, I did so not for this company, but for my customers.  
When I left my office, I felt a little sad.  
I am used to receive the e-mail from my customers.
Even weekend, I sometime received their mail via web outlook system.
I regard them as my friends, and some of them share their life with me.
They let me know more foreign customs and life.  This makes my life colorful.
It is my pleasure to know so many foreign friends, from Hong King, China, USA, UK, Australia, India, Brazil, Singapore, Finland, Argentina, Thailand.  This is really important experience in my life. 
When I sent the notice of resignation yesterday, I never expected to receive so much response.
But they send me their best wish, even someone told me ""please don't go".  I am deeply touched.  Take care, all.
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