I'd like to tell a story~~ an inhuman story.  Everyone needs to keep it in mind if you are looking for a job.  Be careful, NOT to work for the kind of supervisor, or else it will be your nightmare.  

錯過飛機還會對你說....阿 你不會多花一兩萬坐早一點的飛機回來喔....又沒人叫你不照原本時間回來...
一兩萬哪夠?  智障喔....誰像你們家有錢喔  小孩這麼小就可以出國去迪士尼玩阿....

Someday, when I finished my journey back to Taiwan, something terrible happened.~ We missed our flight. We didn't notice JR carriagge in Japan will be separated into different routes - one is going to Kansai airport, and the other is arriving to the bear's country.  

We thought the final destination would be Kansai airport, and we both got a serious fever the last day, so we didn't even hear the broadcasting to remind us of changeing the carriage.  So bad, we must pay 15000 dollars to reschedule and stay one night near airport.
When you got an Acute tonsillitis and a serious fever to 38.9 degree for three days, it was never the worse.
When you missed your flight unfortunately, it was never was the worse, too.
Even when you need to pay more money to reschedule the flight, it wasn't sill the worse.

As somebody inhuman will let you know what the worse is.  She won't care about your health as it is none of her business.

She will  tell you.
" You, youself, don't come back as originally scheduled, no one wants you do so !! "
" You could spend extra 10-20 thousand dollars to book another early flight.  Why don't do so!! "
" You broke my plan, I have to do my work, I don't have time to review your job." (I don't think so.  If you can't take good care of attorneyship, you need to improve the policy, it is not our employee's responsibility.)
" You must enter the office, ..........................."  She doesn't care at all that you are having a serious fever.
"Of cousre, you could have sick leave, but finished your work before that"

This reminds me a Chinese old saying "何不食肉糜 ?" (If they don't have bread, let them eat meat)(such as live in a bubble?)
Even if I have no commen sense, even though I don't know the price of the flight ticket bought in Japan is three times than the one bought in Taiwan, even though I don't understand the list pric in airport counter is highly more expensive, I never say so with my undermen.    Maybe I am not born from a rich family like you, so  I won't say so.
  Stupid J., even I spend extra 10-20  thousand dollars, it is still not enought to book another early flight.  
Miss J,  you are not qualified to be my supervisor.  !!  Finally,  I fired you.   I want to follow a considerate and kind
supervisor.  Thank God!    

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